Failaka Trip Part-4: THE HORSES!

This was my absolutely favorite part of the whole trip! The horse stables! I stayed in Failaka for 3 days and visited the stables every single day so the photos are a mixture from all the visits.

The first visit was just to explore around. And the horses were inside their stables so we had a quick look at the place and went back.

The second visit was by coincidence, we were driving close by and spotted the horses OUTSIDE in the field so we couldn’t resist and rushed there to get some nice shots.

What started as wanting to take some photos then developed to wanting to touch the horses and then we found ourself asking for rides lol.

The horse I’ve ridden is named Felecha. Named after the island because she was the first horse to be born there! How cute is that?? She’s only 3 years old! ❤

That’s Felecha in her stable getting ready for the ride..

And all set.. aww..

This is Ash.. The Side Talk‘s horse..

The view from above hehe..

The rides were only inside the fenced area. But taking the horses for rides around the island is also an option. It’s only for experienced riders though. And can only be done in the morning at about 7-8 am.

That’s it for the horse stables. But you think I’m done with Failaka posts? NO I’M NOT heh 😛

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  1. الحمدلله على السلامه
    رحله حلوه ماشالله
    استمتعت بالصور

    ان شالله ازور فيلجا .. لي الحين ما رحتلها !


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