Review: “Mixberries” Home Delivery Frozen Yogurt

I have been willing to post about these guys for a while now. Mixberries was first recommended to me over twitter (thank you Alex 🙂 ) and ever since I tasted their frozen yogurt -specifically the original flavor- I can’t look at any others the same way. I even started ditching the toppings and ordering only plain frozen yogurt. It’s really that good. Not too sweet, not too sour, perfectly creamy.

They have 3 sizes available; Mini, Everest (the one in the photos), and Overdose. Their prices are also lower than others, the mini goes for 0.950 KD without toppings, and 1.950 KD with 5 toppings. Their mini size is actually the normal size in other shops. So I’m liking them in every aspect really.

I usually order through 6alabat here. And to my luck they deliver until 12 am. How convenient is that for my late-night cravings? 😛



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