Psychological Test For New Maids Is Being Discussed

The Ministry of Health (MoH), in cooperation with other authorities, is studying the possibility of making maids, who wish to come to work in the country, go through a psychological test besides regular medical tests, reports Al-Anba daily.

A psychological test will help in finding out whether a person has any kind of mental problem or any criminal tendency, said sources, adding “if a maid is found suffering from any such problem, she will be prevented from entering the country.”

The proposal is still being studied, but if the ministry approves it, a strategy to implement it will be worked out, noted sources. Source

I think this is a must nowadays. And for anyone who would say they commit crimes because they are mistreated.. Not all of them are. I know some suffer from mistreatment and I hope new laws would be enforced to protect them. But I have also encountered some scary maids through my life and I know for a fact how well we treat them in our house.

When people from different countries and cultures are brought to another country to live in a stranger’s house, away from their home and family and everything they are used to, they can develop problems. It can happen to any human being under such circumstances. So a psychological test can’t be a bad idea.

Note that this decision is being discussed after a maid has recently murdered a 25-year old Kuwaiti bride-to-be. Read more about it here



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