Review: Hookah Lounge Cafe

A while ago I went to try out Hookah Lounge Cafe for a girly girls night with my blogging friends. The cafe is located in Kuwait city (map is at the end of the post).

First thing I liked about the place was the valet parking. Saves you the trouble of finding a parking spot for your car in such a busy location.

Click click! There’s a FREEBIE at the end of the post πŸ˜‰

So we went inside and the first thing I noticed was COWS! lol the cafe’s interior is all about cows. How cute and different is that?

Those cow statues that are filling the shelves are the coolest collectibles I have seen really. The owner has been collecting them from different parts of Germany and France. Every single statue is uniquely designed. No two statues are the same.

Groovy 70’s cow..

The tongue in this cow-clock actually moves. The more you stare at it the funnier it gets.. Seriously try and keep staring for 10 seconds..

..See what I’m talking about? πŸ˜›

Colors, colors, and more colors..

Even the salt/pepper shakers are cows..

This blue cow is beautiful!

This is the cafe’s logo..

Staff were very friendly and welcoming. A major factor to make me want to go back to a cafe.

Hookah lounge specializes in drinks and snack, plus shisha. But they also have different ready-made salads, sandwiches, and cakes,

Going upstairs to meet the girls..

The second floor consists of cabins and it’s for families only.

More statues. I like to call this one the Brazilian Party animal lol πŸ˜›

One of my favorites..

Here’s a closer look inside the cabins..

Each cabin has sofas and a TV. And if you’re wondering how you would be able to call the waiter while sitting inside,Β  there’s a bell you can use. Just ask the waiter about it and he will show you how to use it.

So I finally sat down at the girls’ table, only to find the waiter offering me a rose. So cute and thoughtful.

Lots of nomnoms as you see. My drink was the green one -I think- and it was a mixture of avocado with other fruits. Tasted really good.

We were then asked to go downstairs for a special show. It was a demonstration of boiling coffee with sand instead of fire. It can be either Turkish or French coffee. They have a machine which heats the sand up, then the coffee is moved around in the sand until it boils.

Once we went back upstairs it was time for sandwiches. Mine was turkey and avocado. There were also chicken, cheese, and beef sandwiches.

Finally some hot wipes to freshen up..

As we left the staff were all lined up to greet us. Thank you to the owner mr. Ali, and Omniyat for a pleasant night πŸ™‚

Hookah lounge opens from 8 am – 12 pm.

Al-Bisher & Al Kazemi Tower, Fahd Al Salem Street – Kuwait City, Tel: 00965 2244 2098

Here’s the map for the Cafe (taken from Q8Rain) ..

NOW FREEBIE TIME.. If you liked the place.. Then this is good news for you..

Hookah Lounge is offering 3 of my readers 10Kd gift vouchers. Leave a comment below saying “nomnomnom” πŸ˜› and winners will be randomly selected on Sunday night.



  1. This is probably the third review i see about this place, i think ill give it a shot, and hey…nomnomnom !! πŸ˜›


  2. Sshhhhaaayyy … Wish could participate …. Maybe next time …. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS ……
    And …..



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