Review: Cinemagic’s Rooftop Screening

Over last weekend I managed to finally go to one of Cinemagic’s rooftop screenings. Something on my to-do list since ever.

I was surprised to know that the entry is now for free. The only thing you will be paying for are your snacks which you need to grab from one of the small cafeterias under the stairs (remember? The old Salmiya cafeterias we used to buy goodies from when we were kids?). Buying the snacks was actually another story lol. The memories. Oh and it’s really cheap! I think I had caramel popcorn, ice-cream, slush, and water all for about 1KD.

So we went upstairs and chose a place to sit. The movie showing was La Jetee, a French movie. We were late as usual so I missed a good part of it and didn’t fully understand the rest. I got a hold of about the last 30 minutes. But overall the weather was perfect. and the place was very cozy. Will definitely go again.

If you’re planning to go I advise you to Google the movie you’re going to watch. Most of them are international movies and very different from the American movies we’re used to. So do some research to make sure the movie style is of your taste.

Cinemagic’s on Facebook


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