Saudi Student Pays Thousands For The First Lamborghini Aventador In KSA

A 22 year old student in Saudi Arabia has paid and extra £45,000 (16,500 KD) for a car that is originally supposed to cost £290,000 (106,500 KD) just to become the first person in Saudi Arabia to own a Lamborghini Aventador. Dhiaa al Essa did not want to wait for 18 months to possess the 217 miles per hour supercar.

Dhiaa is the grandson of a man who ranks in the Forbes List of Richest People with a fortune of £1.5 billion. Mashallah.




    • lol well 16,000 KD over 106,000 KD is more like 1.600 KD over 10.600 KD. Wouldn’t you pay that for a remote controlled car? 😛


  1. wow… give that to the poor and promote helping poor in the world or atleast around you. u wont take that car with you in the grave.


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