Failaka Trip Part-6: Let’s Talk Ghosts

When you ask anyone in Kuwait about Failaka, the first thing they’re going to tell you is that it’s haunted. Many stories has happened there and people are divided into believers and non-believers.

In case you don’t know Failaka’s history; The island used to be home for many families until the 1990 Iraqi invasion. The enemy troops destroyed the whole island. Bombing and shooting at the houses and planting mines everywhere. So the local families fled to Kuwait city in fear for their lives, and never returned to Failaka after the war ended. Since then, everything on the island has been exactly the same for 20 years. A whole forsaken town. Even with some of the previous-habitants belongings thrown around here and there.

Do you see the house in the photo above? Take a look at the white part of the fence, right below where I wrote my blog’s name. Here’s a close-up (photo taken from The Side Talk)..

Can you see what’s written there? No?

Let me darken the photo for you..

Can you read it now?

It says (in Arabic) : Do not enter, house is haunted.

Scared? 😛

Don’t be yet hehe. There’s an incident that happened while I was there, and it’s worth sharing..

On our first night there. We were staying up late at the hotel sitting in the indoor garden. There were 5 of us downstairs, and another 4 girls sleeping in their room upstairs. The place was very quiet as everyone had their laptops, and some were studying and so.

We hear a door open upstairs. Normally thought it was someone getting out of their room for whatever reason. But about 3 minutes later one of the girls comes rushing out of the room screaming “did you see that?!”. Of course none of us knew what she was talking about. And she continued “A man was in my room!”

Let me note that the stairs to the first floor was right in front of where we sat. We saw no one go up or down the stairs. There was no other way upstairs.

Everybody was like “what? Who? How did he look like?! Maybe it was this and maybe it was that”. And after the girl calmed down a little she continued “A man opened the door and entered the room, he just stood there while I was staring at him frozen in shock, then he entered the bathroom for a few seconds, then left!”. She was freaking out while telling us.

Another thing  is that the door was supposed to be locked. And even if it wasn’t locked, the door knob cannot be open from outside, you need to turn the key in the lock to get the door to open anyway.

The guys went and checked the room and found nothing. And then everyone went to their rooms because it was getting late. Of course The Side Talk and I didn’t sleep at all. We went into our room and started playing Quraan on the laptop until morning. For the next 2 days, even when we left the room we kept the Quraan playing inside. It was very soothing. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep the next day without it.

I only mentioned this one incident because it happened with me personally. There were other stories being carried around. I won’t get into these though. They can be easily made up.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you believe in ghosts or not. But after my trip I definitely do.

How do you feel now? Because I’m writing this and feeling somewhat scared lol.


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  1. wow this is a nice post 😀 i love such stories and i think im gona fall inlove with the place there if i go, its on my to-do list now.


  2. wow this is a real freaking post 😛 … wud luv to read the other stories even if they sound made up :)….. plz do post em some time just to give ur readers some thrill again 🙂


  3. Im a Failakawi, our neighbors house is haunted we have ghost dedecting equipment we bought on our trip to usa


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