Don’t Miss: Red Bull Art Of Can Exhibition This Saturday

The idea of the Red Bull Art of Can event is basically taking empty Red Bull Cans, and turning them into pieces of art. I had the chance to see some of the pieces done by participants and I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

registration in Red Bull Art of Can event was first opened in June. Now, 6 months later, the final pieces are going to be exhibited  at the Art of Can Gallery at 360 MALL Exhibition Hall on Friday 2nd of December, @7pm.

The Art of Can Gallery will continue for 2 weeks. Six judges from Kuwait with an affinity to art and design will select the winners based on three criteria: creative concept (the idea behind the piece), conceptual execution (how well did the piece translate the concept idea) and construction (how well is the piece constructed). The top three pieces of art will be awarded prizes and announced on the opening night of the exhibition.

Red Bull Art of Can website

(Please not the art piece in the photo is from one of the international Red Bull Art of Can exhibitions)


Please note that the Friday event is by invitation only. The exhibition will be open to public on Saturday.



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