My Italian Cooking Class @ Chef Boutique

Last week I was invited by the newly opened Chef Boutique to attend an Italian cooking class (Thanks to Basma of 13 Cups who organized the visit).

I’m not into cooking at all. But when I entered the place and saw all those shiny cooking tools I immediately got in the mood of making artistic nomnoms 😛

After everyone had arrived we were introduced to chef Ismail, the chef from the Italian restaurant in Movenpick Hotel – Freezone.

The chef and owners -Olga and Victor- then started preparing the ingredients for everything and distributing them on each of our counters.

And then the serious work began.. The chef demonstrated everything first before each of us started doing the same afterwards.

First we had to prepare a rocca salad with eggplant, capsicum, pesto, and goat cheese.

Spraying salt on the eggplant and leaving it for a while after a light massage lol. Then we put them in a spinning thingy that would splash the water out of the eggplant. Removing the water gets rid of the bitter taste.

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😛

Everyone frying their eggplants lol..

Demonstrating the way to prepare Pesto..

And me making my own pesto..

Slightly grilled capsicum..

Wrapped up while it’s still hot, makes it easier to peel..

And everything is ready to start making the salad..


Can you believe I made this? All by myself! Me I made it alooone! 😀

Everybody then sat down and had their salad. Tasted delicious!

Time for pasta..

Fresh ingredients were also set..

Boiling the pasta and making the sauce..


For desserts Basma provided cake from Empress. But not any type of cake though, it was a gluten free chocolate cake. Prepared with zero flour and took 26 hours to bake.

So rich and creamy and chocolaty!

And that was it. Went home with the recipes for everything of course. Still haven’t tried making them at home though.

Thank you Chef Boutique for a great time. And Thank you Basma 🙂

Chef Boutique is located in Hetteen. You can view the location map, class schedule, and pricing on



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