Review: Cherriez Frozen Yogurt

I was invited the other day by the Cherriez team to try out their frozen yogurt. Cherriez is a 100% Kuwaiti concept. They have stores in Kuwait City, Al-Yarmouk, Al-Zahraa, and Mishref.


My visit was at Al-Yarmouk branch. Here’s Cliff, the first to greet us (Thank you 🙂 )

I liked how they had pictures of froyo combinations with different toppings all over the walls. They can give you ideas if you feel like trying a new mixture.

They have 4 sizes; Large, medium, small, and mini (the mini is only for party packs)

And their flavors are: Original, Cherry, Alfonso-Mango, and Chocolate. I liked the original and alfonso-mango the most. The other flavors were also yummy but on the sweet-side. I prefer my froyo a little sour 🙂

I also loved how the fruit flavors (alfonso-mango & cherry) taste very much like the real fruit. You can feel the taste of sweet cherries and the sour mangos.

Their best seller is the original-cherry mix. So we thought we’d give it a try..

For toppings, they have a very wide range of everything you can think of. Corn flakes, nuts, biscuits, cheese cake, granola, and chocolate granola..

Different chocolate brands as well..

And fruits..

My sister’s froyo..

And mine. I LOVED their granola. Tasted perfectly sweet.

They have party packs as well. Delivered in the box you see below. The box can hold up to 12 froyos of the mini size.

Best of luck to Cherriez. And thank you for the invitation 🙂

Also check out their menu here


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