Egypt Might Be Joining The GCC Too

Egypt is on the list of countries that could join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a senior Kuwaiti official has said.

Humood Al Radhwan, head of the GCC directorate in Kuwait’s foreign ministry, made the statement as he commented on the progress of the negotiations on Morocco and Jordan joining the alliance.

“We support Jordan and Egypt joining the GCC as full members, but only after two years,” Al Radhwan told Kuwaiti daily Al Rai ahead of the GCC summit in Riyadh next week.

“The GCC countries share close geographic, linguistic and religious features. The Gulf society is fully integrated and there is no real distinction between a Kuwaiti and an Emirati, for instance. We do have harmony with Jordan [and Morocco], but we need two years of partnerships before we look into their cases and expand on their membership until we reach full integration. I must here point that Egypt is on the list of joining the GCC and that it has the priority,” he said, quoted by the daily on Sunday.



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