Design Of New Wasabi Restaurant In Kuwait Is Origami-inspired

There will be a new branch of Wasabi Japanese restaurant in Kuwait. Specifically located in Wattiya. The new restaurant will be opening in early 2012.

What makes this piece of news very interesting is that the restaurant’s design is inspired by origami! Such a cool idea.

If you don’t know what origami is, it’s a kind of Japanese art, basically using a piece of paper to form a certain shape. The whole idea of origami is to use only one piece of paper and to keep folding it repeatedly until the final shape is formed.

This is the same idea implemented in the new Wasabi restaurant. There will be 3 main seating areas, each of them will be defined by a different spatial “fold” that is unique in color and material. The three different folds will consist of metal, wood, and textile. The photo above gives a basic idea about the design.

The outdoor seating area will have calming pools and water features. In addition to actual wasabi plants, which will be freshly picked and used in the food!

Those designers seem to know my weaknesses. If they only add a Koi pond and I would camp at that place 24/7 đŸ˜› I really can’t wait to see how it turns out.

More details

By the way, I know this is irrelevant but I suddenly feel a need to express it, I just LOVE Japan! đŸ˜› No seriously everything about it is magical to me. The Japanese are pure geniuses.


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