UNBELIEVABLE Photos Of Kuwait After Iraqi Invasion By National Geographic

The feelings these photos trigger when I look at them cannot be described. I can’t help not to say that despite the horrible scenes they have captured, the photos are disturbingly-beautiful. They just reach deep inside your heart.

These are only 4 photos out of 51 others taken by photographer Steve McCurry in 1991 right after the Iraqi invasion.

I must warn that the rest of the photo collection contains some disturbing images. So don’t try to act all tough.

For those who know they can handle it, you really must have a look. Click here

By the way, the photographer Steve McCurry, is the same man who took this very famous picture of an Afghani Girl. I think most of you recognize it. Just thought it was an interesting piece of info..




  1. Amazing photos indeed, i wish i can find more like these & more documentaries online.


    • There is a documentary coming soon to movie theaters in Kuwait. Called “fearless encounters”. I posted about it a while ago and still looking forward to see it!


    • There’s something about them that makes them more artistic than disgusting.


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