A Chinese Restaurant In Dubai & Its “Racist” Ad

This is an ad for China Times restaurant located in Dubai. The ad has been causing controversy lately (though it has never been used, but somehow ended up on the internet).

As you see the ad shows 3 different people; a Sikh, an African-American, and an Arab. With their eyes manipulated to appear Chinese. The tagline says “Brings out the Chinese in everyone”.

The issue here is that people are accusing the ad to be racist towards the Chinese.

I have mixed feelings about it. It’s inappropriate for sure. If the ad agency had expressed the “Chinese in everyone” part in some other way -dressed up the same people in Traditional Chinese cloths for example- it would’ve been better. But I also don’t see it deserves the “racist” label. It doesn’t really mock the Chinese how I see it.

What do you think? Racist or not?



  1. in my honest opinion, this is not racist.
    It is actually clever. Small eyes are not a bad thing, its just different and known to be shared by almost all asians.


  2. Not at all, its actually very nice, and to be honest we all know the Chinese have small eyes and i don’t see any problem pointing that out.


  3. I think if a Chinese person thinks its racist then it is, making fun of the way people look is shameful attitude. Lets imagine an ad for a Middle Eastern restaurant, brings out the Middle Eastern in you, with a picture of a man with big nose and ears! or an American ad with an obese person,brings out the American in you, got my point!


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