Review: Zero Degrees New Branch @ The Strip

Zero Degrees has now soft-opened their new branch at the Strip area in front of Al-Seef palace. Officially opening on Jan 3, 2012.

First of all I really need to point out the awesomeness of the shop’s interior design. It was done by Multitude Design (if I’m not mistaken). The place makes you chill just looking at it. I love the choice of white and blue.

And those swings! I haven’t actually tried them until the end of the evening and I wished I did earlier.

They have 4 flavors of frozen yogurt. Every flavor is based on a special character. First flavor is pineapple and I unfortunately forgot to ask what the name of its character was.

Capt. Ori (original)..

Promo-Ganettes (pomegranate), these are the bad guys of the Zero Degrees world..

And Mr.Passi Yoni (passion fruit)..

These toppings were one of the highlights of my visit. They are called Zero Bombs and are a must-try! They come in 4 flavors; strawberry, lichee, passion fruit, and mango. The feeling of these little bombs popping in your mouth is YUM!

Here’s my froyo. Loved the pineapple flavor.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows..

And another highlight of the evening. The Zero Blend (picture below). You can choose your own mix. Choose the froyo flavor, then add any syrup of your choice, and complete it with the toppings. All are blended together into perfection.

There is a second floor as well.

The view from upstairs..

And the view to above when I was on the swing 😛

And Zero Degrees has officially made it to my top 3 favorite frozen yogurt shops.

Thank you ZD and Pink Coffee for the invitation.

Join their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter



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