Review: Sunny Side Up

I paid a visit to the newly opened Sunny Side Up a few days ago. I wanted to sit outside but all the tables were full “mashallah”. I ended up on the only available table I could find inside.

The interior colors are very vibrant. Perfect for a yummy breakfast on a beautiful day.

The special menu. Has pop-up pictures. cute.

Now the food. Everything was so yummy. If you’re an egg lover then this is the place for you seriously!

my plate, Late Miami Omelet..

The New Yorker ..

4 Cheese Omelet ..

Hot Chocolate ..

Orange juice.. obviously..

Nutella pancakes..

Look at those chocolate drops.. yeah yeah scroll down quick you’re on a diet bla bla πŸ˜›

Elvis cake.. Piece of heaven. Couldn’t finish it though. Their plates are big!

And a sample check. I didn’t even know mini micro frying pans even existed. We live and learn..

Next time, I will try the outdoor seating. Which I also couldn’t take photos of because there were a lot of people. My friends at Q8Blend have some nice photos though, check them out here

Special thank you to Faisal, the owner of the lovely place, for the invitation.

Sunny Side Up is located in Kuwait City, Oman Street, near Al Mubarakiya, Al Sagaran Complex.

Opens everyday from 7:30am-2pm and 7pm-11pm.



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