Shisha Ban In Kuwait To Affect Only Upper-Floor Restaurants

You probably heard about this by now. A new law to ban shisha in Kuwait is currently being discussed and is expected to be approved soon. But there were no details about whether it will be banned all-together or just from specific indoor restaurants.

I just came across this article on Kuwait Times which finally reveals that the ban will take effect on restaurants on upper floors of buildings only. As offering shisha in such restaurants can be dangerous.

“The cafes located on the top floors of a building are not located favorably. These buildings were built to accommodate a certain capacity, mostly offices. Now, the capacity of these floors is much higher than what the building was built for. This fact may cause dangerous problems when a fire is started. The exits are simply not enough for large number of cafe visitors. Also, there are problems with the fire department and firemen, as it’s difficult to reach these cafes,” explained Osama Al-Duaij, Deputy Director General Municipality (Hawally).

So the ban will not affect outdoor restaurants. Shisha smokers, you can relax, until summer arrives anyway 😛


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