Did You Know Rihanna Had An Arabic Tattoo?

Can you read what it says?

Yeah me neither.

Well it was supposed to say “Freedom is God”, but as a native Arabic speaker I would say that tattoo is gibberish. “Freedom” is there, and then it’s followed by “in” and not “is”, as for that 3rd word, It’s not even a word. I don’t know what that is. The closest thing I can think of is the letter L in Arabic (ل). Not that it makes any more sense anyway.

So to make things short, that tattoo really reads “Freedom in fgfhmj”.

Rihanna honey, you’ve been scammed. Maybe using some advice from your Arab fans could have been a good idea?



  1. OMG i hate her so much i dont know why people like her songs.

    i dont even think she is pretty as people assume & add to that her tattoo


  2. Many of celebrities put Arabic tattoos (most of who I can think of are footballers), the weirdest HAS to be the one on Yulia Volkova (from tatu) back. it says “Heyam” in Arabic.


    • She probably just asked for a word equivalent to love and got “Heyam” for an answer. I think we find such things weird because we never really use such words but oh well, let them have their joy hehe.


  3. i wrote about her tatto long time ago .. and i think they photoshoped the tatto because it say “الحرية في المسيح” .. i found it racist?? isnt it?


    • I looked at more pictures of the tattoo and yes some others do say “الحرية في المسيح”. I don’t think it’s racist. She’s Christian and she follows Jesus Christ just like we follow prophet Mohamad (pbuh).


  4. Honestly no one cares if you hate her or not, she’s worth 53 million she could take it off and put it back on 50 time 50 more. Stop being so rassole judgemental and live your life just like how she is.


    • I actually had to re-read this post -since it’s ages old- and couldn’t find myself stating that I hated her anywhere. I would’ve appreciated it if you hadn’t wasted my time reading and replying to your senseless comment.


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