Smart ID Cards Compulsory for Kuwaitis Before March 31

Kuwait has given its nationals until March 31 to apply for smart ID cards that will supplant the older identification documents.

“Only smart ID cards will be accepted in transactions in both the public and private sectors,” said Musaad Al Asoossi, the head of the Public Authority for Civil Information. “All nationals are urged to apply for the new card in order to avoid potential problems and disappointments after the deadline of March 31,” he said.

GCC citizens holding smart ID cards can travel without their passport in all member countries, namely: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Via Gulf News

I found the picture above as a sample for the smart ID card in Qatar. Though I’m doubting the guy in the picture is actually a Fahad Abdulrahman Ahmad Yousef. But as long as it serves the purpose then whatever 😛



  1. Can you imagine if he was Fahad Abdulrahman Ahmad Yousef? lol That would be hilarious!


    • Hmm I think it’s only kuwaitis for now because the article says Kuwaiti nationals. Still we shouldn’t count on one article so it’s better if you ask around just to make sure 🙂


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