The Idiot

Another post from the streets of Kuwait. I took these pictures at the front parking of the Sultan Center in Salmiya. This is actually how that idiot decided to park his car. In the middle of the road. Leaving barely enough space for a medium sized car to pass through.

I actually drove through with my car, with the guidance of a passer-by, parked behind the building, walked to the idiot’s car again only to take pictures. That’s how much he pissed me off! People were standing there curiously watching as cars slowly try to pass.

He pissed me off so bad that I actually made the below illustration to clarify what was going on for you. To make sure you’re feeling my pain 😛

It’s not 100% accurate, just accurate enough..

“Out of parking spaces? Invent one extra! I’m so smart sometimes” said the idiot to himself.

I don’t understand whether the man did this knowingly -but carelessly- or unknowingly – which makes him stupid. Either way, what do such drivers get?

Their license plate on the internet *evil laugh*

If anybody recognizes his car, please let him know how much of a disgrace to civilized  humanity he is.



  1. You should have waited for him to get out and lay the smack down, or called the cops.

    Good for morning laughter; cheers!


    • I was very curious to see how the guy looks like lol. But why waste my time waiting after all.


  2. Okay now with the illustration i do get your pain, he is a disgrace and i hope a cop or something gave him a ticket.


    • I don’t think any cops were involved. But I’m sure the other drivers gave him a harsh time when he finally showed up.


    • The wonders we see on the road. I wish I can drive with a helmet camera all the time 😛


  3. LOL! I cant believe you actually did that ‘illustration’!! True idiot I must say! Welcome to the streets of K town baby sis :*


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