Spot The GUY In This Emirati Music Video

*shakes head in disappointment*

This just doesn’t make sense in so many ways. The guy looks gay, but he has a female model as his wife in the video. He wears guy clothes, but has the hair, eyebrows, makeup, and accessories of a girl.

Apart from the singer himself. The music video.. a minute he and his “wife” are all cuddly, the next minute she suddenly slaps him, then he runs over her with his car and kills her, then gets out of the car and kisses her? Seriously beats Indian movies.. *facepalm*

Thanks Sarah



    • Nope.. they’re both straight I guess. Not sure whether that a good or a bad thing though lol.


  1. there are so many rockstars that wear make up and have long hair like steven tyler and others..and they all have girl models as their object of affection in their videos..i guess he’s inspired by them..don’t u think?


  2. and BTW I’m a sucker for froyo just like u, but recently was ordered by my doctor not to have any milk product, cheese too :((((((((((((((


    • The rockstar idea does make sense, at least he is trying to be. But normally you can still tell a rockstar is a man under all the make up, they have their own style, they don’t imitate women’s make up. Plus they make rock music, in this case here the guy is trying to be a rockstar but his music has nothing to do with rock 😛

      Oh and no froyo?! That’s torture! 😦


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