The Kuwait Cats Show.. Extreme Cuteness!

Yesterday I attended the K-Cats cat show at Al-Safir International Hotel and the place was filled with cuteness!

The event was well organized. Though it didn’t start on time but I think it was because some cat owners were late. I loved how friendly everyone was. I even signed up for volunteering at the K-Cats organization if they hold any similar events in the future.

I’ll leave you with the photos..

This adorable kitty is up for adoption. I hope somebody took her/him home eventually..

These kitties too..

*i is bored*..

And “Curiosity did what to the cat?” 😛 ..

*Sniff sniff*

Shaved kitty.. Poor little thing it was freezing cold..

Kitties.. all around me! *takes a deep breath*

Ahem.. And we continue..

I would definitely give the “Most Attitude” award to this cat (below). As soon as she/he saw my camera she/he turned away and stayed like that. Just as I lost hope and started walking away she/he turned around and sat there watching me leave! Epic rejection lol.

There were 4 judges who flew in from Europe. The checked every cat and chose the winners for different categories..

The golden sponsor of the event “Royal Canin” cat supplies..

Another sponsor is Pet Zone. They had some pretty cool stuff. Check out the Crocs-shaped cat bed..

And Pawsh Boutique, The local online store for pet supplies, was also a sponsor..

I love attending such events. Different than what we’re used to and most importantly, a change from restaurants.

I’m really hoping more pet shows to be held in Kuwait from now on.



  1. Thank you for your beautiful photos I have passed a link to my friend in USA and they loved it 🙂


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