Did You Notice The Unusual Birds in Kuwait Recently?

I’m sure you did at least once. There are some adorable new visitors around Kuwait and that’s because it’s the migration season right now. I came across an article on Kuwait Times about a bird counting event that was organized by the Kuwait Environment Protection Society (KEPS) a few days ago and the numbers of counted birds are shocking! I never imagined such big numbers! I’m talking about over 5000 flamingos! In Kuwait!

Here’s the list of our tourists in pictures and numbers 😉 ..

5022 Greater Flamingos (left)       –       68 Mallard Ducks (right)

And to think some people have been shooting these beautiful flamingos just for fun. It’s an ugly world we live in.

245 Common Shelducks (left)    –   188 Gray Herons (right)

21 Little Egrets (left)   –   50 Kentish Plovers (right)

I think I saw some of the little birdies on the right (above).

293 Crat Plover (left)   –    28 Great Cormotants (right)

I definitely saw that swimming bird (right). At Marina Crescent. It doesn’t only swim it actually dives, disappears under the water and about 30 seconds later appears again on the surface. Amazing to watch!

There’s also a bird I have been seeing but wasn’t mentioned in the article. It’s a black medium-sized bird with an orange beak and white cheeks. Don’t know what it’s called though.

Have you seen any of the cute visitors?


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