Khaliji “Bad Boys” in MIA’s New Music Video


The music video for MIA’s new single“Bad Girls” was released yesterday and it seems like whoever came up with the idea for this music video had accidentally stumbled upon some Saudi drifting videos (taf7ee6) on YouTube and got hooked 😛

The video is meant to present desert stunt driving in a Saudi Arabian scene, but it was actually filmed in Morocco. Which makes sense because none of the guys in the video is really pulling off the correct Khaliji look.



    • Lol I guess nobody can pull off this look unless they have actually been to a gulf country 😛


  1. I think she and everybody did a good job they did their best and obviously have love for saudi arabia and the whole arab world 🙂 lol yeah not 100% correct but maybe it wasn’t meant to be, i think she said she was playing with the fashion so it is more Khaliji-inspired. but hey that’s great, Khaliji-inspired still is showing love 🙂 MIA i think she is a good person and they meant well. the video is doing good things in the world, a lot of stupid people are now less prejudiced and more interested in all the cool things about the arab world and my arab friend says people are now thinking he is cool which is nice lol! finally, it isn’t always easy to be not a white person in america, but people are becoming more open-minded. thanks a little bit to this song and video by MIA and the rest. and now kids are googling the drifting videos and learning about islam and arabic music and all kinds of good things. ❤ peace


  2. There is a “making of” about the video on youtube that you all might enjoy 🙂 yes M.I.A. and the director saw those stunt driving videos and thought “COOL!” so they flew to Morocco since you can’t film this sort of video in Saudi Arabia too easily especially not being a Saudi citizen and did this


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