Coverage: The K’s Path Dog Show

The K’s Path dog show happened about 3 weeks ago (January 21, 2012) at the International Fairgrounds in Mishref. But I didn’t get the chance to write about it until now.

The event to me, was under-organized. And I say this for 3 reasons:

1- The amount of time we kept waiting for each activity to start was longer than the activity itself.

2- Having the event OUTDOORS in such freezing weather! It was during that uncommon cold weather that hit Kuwait a few weekends ago. The temperature was below 10 degrees in sunlight and we were literally shaking! Waiting around with nothing to do while freezing is not anybody’s idea of fun.

3- My friend and I had to pay 10KD (combined) as an entrance fee and I don’t understand why. We kept walking around the whole time. There were not even free drinks, we had to pay again to get some coffee to warm us up. And I don’t see what the show offered to me as a spectator in exchange of such a fee.

Bad part aside, the adorable dogs were the good part. Check out the pictures..

This cutie (below) kept using physical gestures with its owner. With every snack it waved its leg like asking for more. Adorable..

I call this one the teddy bear..

The most adorable dog, I think it was a female. With only 3 legs but the energy and activeness 10 times her size..

A Golden Retriever, such a beauty..

Of course Huskies are my favorite dog breed. And the fierce face on this particular one puts it at the top of the list for me ❀

And this puppy I call it.. the cuddle toy πŸ˜›

I don’t know what breed this dog is. Maybe a German Shepard mix? He was such a good boy. Check out how he rolls over..

A Dalmatian.. Yes like the cartoon πŸ˜›


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