ABYAT: Poetry Contest

In the occasion of Kuwait’s National Day & Independence Day

ABYAT is organizing a poetic competition under the name:

“ABYAT in the love of Kuwait”

The Judging panel includes poets:

Bader Brosley, Homud Al Baghly and Sadeya Al Mufreh

The winning poet will receive a grand price of 15,000 KD !

All participations may submit their entries from February 7th until February 23rd

And the winner will be announced on the 24th of February during Layali Febrayer’s musical Show (Abdullah Ruwaished, Abady AlJawhar)

Competition Rules:

–   The competition is open to all kinds of poetry
–   The poem must contain 4 verses
–   Submission must be via twitter @eabyat or by submitting a hard copy to CRM Department in ABYAT Headquarters
–   Full Name must be submitted
–   ABYAT has the full rights to broadcast or resend the submitted poems via any mediums (with the name of the poet)
–   This competition is for Kuwait citizens only



  1. ياكويت كلما لاح الصباح 
    وشدت طيور حب بالغناء
    زهت القلوب بالوان شوق
    وامتلئت بالاركان الضياء 
    ياصباح الخير دمت لنا 
    ودمتم ال الصباح غطاء
    دمتم لنا دمتم لكل دهر 
    فقبلة لك يا كويت الأوفياء
    محمد عبداللطيف الدوخي 


    • يرجى تسليم المشاركة لشركة أبيات عبر تويتر
      أو عبر مكتبهم الرئيسي في الشويخ


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