Coverage: Red Bull Car Park Drift 2012

Yesterday the Red Bull Car Park Drift 2012 took place at the International Fair Grounds in Mishref.

One word: Amazing! The whole show was really thrilling and there were some awesome drifters! The setting was perfect. And the organizing was noticeably better than last year’s. The crowd was also huge. Had a great time.

Sadly my little camera didn’t help at all. The photos are not that good, but they give an idea about how the evening was.

The smell of tires.. ahhh *dreamy look*

Notice the lights in the photo below, they were hanging from cranes!

Of course we choked with dust coming from underneath the car tires but it’s okay. Nothing a shower can’t fix. It was so worth it 😛



  1. It was really great this year, I couldn’t leave before everything was over 🙂
    Looking for next year enshalla to see you drift 😛


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