National Geographic: The Seas Of Arabia

National Geographic has published a set of some incredible photographs titled “Seas of Arabia” and every photograph was taken in the waters of an Arab country. It makes me wish there were more documentaries or similar photographs of the marine life here. We are missing out on a lot that goes down there.

*All photographs are by Thomas P. Peschak.

The first photo above, not very marine life-related, the Atlantis hotel in Dubai, peeking from underwater.


A sea snake. Apparently these are found in shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf. Did you read that well? Shallow waters.. Arabian gulf? Kuwait fits the description! I’m glad I never saw one! I can barely overcome my worries and swim in the sea during summer. I can’t have fun when I can’t see my feet! 😛


A coral reef in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea. One of the most undisturbed in the region.


These birds are Comrorants (spotted in Kuwait not so long ago) finding a resting spot in Oman’s Musandam Peninsula.

The “Seas of Arabia” collection has 11 total photos. View it all on National Geographic.



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