Poisoning Dogs To Death In Kuwait: You Can Help

2:48am (post 1, 2 , 3) has recently raised an important issue which has been going on in Kuwait unnoticed. Stray dogs are killed by placing poisoned meat in the streets, garbage containers, and even parks. The dogs suffer from a very slow and painful death. The process is done so unprofessionally that not only stray dogs are killed, several pet dogs have been victims of this inhumanity when having their walk with their owners.

How can something like this happen in an Islamic country? How could this come up as an idea at first and then develop step by step into action? How many people agreed to this and signed the official papers before it was implemented?

What is somewhat soothing is that the public are in so much rage about this to the point of actually taking action. Signatures are being collected from everyone in Kuwait in a petition titled PAAFR OR Municipality of Kuwait: Stop painfully killing street animals with POISON (created by Narine from Kuwait Music). 1142 signatures have been collected so far. You can sign it and invite your friends to do the same.

A problem is that the person in direct charge of this is still yet to be known. So the petition can’t be addressed to a specific person. If you happen to be in one of the areas where the poison is being placed (Free Trade Zone for example) try and keep an eye out for these workers’ arrival. If you do spot them try to go up to them and ask for any info. that might be useful. It might be a far shot. But you never know.

The following pictures are from Al-Dar newspaper showing the process of placing the poisoned meat.



  1. thats inhumane!! walaa 7araam 3alehom !! it breaks my heart to see this happening in my country 😦


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