The 2012 Oscars: About Angelina Jolie’s Leg

Angelina Jolie’s LEG at the Oscars has become a worldwide mockery. If you watched the ceremony a couple of days ago then you must have surely noticed what everyone else in the world had noticed.

Angie was trying to show off her leg so hard that she tried to fake this unnatural stand the whole time. She made a fool out of herself. And what happens to celebrities who make fools out of themselves at the Oscars? They become victims of the Internets πŸ˜›

This made me Laugh so hard I HAD to share it with you! πŸ˜› Poor Angie.

Her leg even has its own Twitter account now, @AngiesRightLeg LOL

And the list goes on πŸ˜› ..




  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG! I just teared!! its funny what they did to her lol. i think she deserves it :p she just exaggerated !


    • She surely did exaggerate! Although she doesn’t usually try to grab attention in such ways.


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