Coverage: Falcon Journey Expo @ 360 Mall

Yesterday was the last day for the Falcon Journey expo at 360 mall. The event was organized by P2BK and Zain. Each of the falcon statues you see was decorated by a different party; schools, companies, and even government facilities. It was obvious how much work it took to complete every falcon. Some were really creative as well.

These two (above and below) were my favorites. The one with mirrors is called Pride (فخر). It was done by P2BK themselves. Looked so funky.

The blue one is called Ruqaya (رقية), an old Arabic female name, this falcon girl has some style! Check out those accessories 😛

I also loved the black falcon.Very photogenic too. And I don’t know why it reminds me of Darth Vader 😛

I forgot who made this one, but with all the crystals I bet they were ladies 😛 I like it though. Majestic.




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