Coverage: Mary Katrantzou For Topshop @The_Avenues

I finally got to see the Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection today after obsessing about it since the very first piece was revealed a few months ago. Fortunately I arrived at Topshop the Avenues before 6 pm and it wasn’t crowded at all.

A few minutes later the staff started bringing out the pieces from storage and turned out Kuwait will not be receiving the full collection 😦 BUT the dress I had my eyes on was there so I quickly grabbed it and one from each other piece to the fitting room.

Took this photo about 10 minutes after the collection went on display. Half the pieces were already gone.

This is the dress I wanted. To my bad luck it was shorter than I expected. And I don’t like wearing a dress with pants underneath so I didn’t get it after all. Wish I was shorter πŸ˜›

The floral dress (right) is the most gorgeous piece. Also the best quality-wise.

By the way, the Mary Katrantzou bag is now a free gift with every purchase until they run out.

Mary Ktarantzou for Topshop.. CHECK. Still Marni for h&m to go πŸ˜€



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