Kuwait City The Hottest City In The World

A listing from the website top-10-list stated Kuwait City as the #1 hottest city in the world. With an average temperature of 46.9 °C. I actually find this rank surprising. I know how hot it gets in Kuwait during summer. But to be named the hottest in the world? I can’t believe this is all the temperature the world got 😛

Here’s the full list

  • 1. Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • 2. Ahwaz, Iran
  • 3. Jizan City, Saudi Arabia
  • 4. Bangkok, Thailand
  • 5. Aziziya, Libya
  • 6. Illizi, Algeria
  • 7. Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • 8. Marrakech, Morocco
  • 9. Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
  • 10. Dallol, Ethiopia

Photo source


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