Porsche and Nissan recall 11,000 cars from UAE roads

“Porsche are recalling 2,910 Cayennes to replace loose headlights, while 8,730 owners of Nissan Infiniti models QX56 and M and Nissan Patrol and Juke vehicles are being asked to return their cars because of a fault in the fuel rail.

The Cayenne problem relates to a twist lock mechanism that fixes the headlights in place. If the twist lock is not secure, a head light could fall out. This is a particular risk when the driver is rapidly accelerating or braking heavily while taking a corner. A statement on the Porsche Middle East website said: “The headlight locking system on current 2011 and 2012 Cayenne models is being reworked.

For Nissan, they stated that the fuel rail pressure sensor could be tightened insufficiently to the fuel rail on certain vehicles engines and could gradually loosen, potentially causing a leak in extreme cases.” Source

So, I guess the same car models that were sent from the same factories to Kuwait were a special “flawless” edition, different from the cars made for the rest of the world. Or else why wouldn’t there be any cars recalled here?

On a side note, It’s the first time for me to see the Nissan Juke and what an ugly car it is! I’ve always felt that the headlights of a car give it personality. So when somebody decides to stick two sets of headlights on one car, all we get is a car with split-personality disorder.



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  1. [rant]

    I had a discussion about this with a friend recently.

    His wife’s Cayenne was also recalled.

    Its funny how they made such a big deal about this recall when they were completely oblivious to other major faults in the past.

    An example? My 2011 911 turbo had a fault where the rubber O-Ring would come out of place and I would loose my turbo ! It would come off with a BANG and by BANG I mean several cars within a 5 meter radius will hear it and swerve away thinking your car is exploding. Its not dangerous for the driver but definitely dangerous for others and is a major fault.

    Did they recall it?
    No they secretly change the O-Ring to a more sturdy one because I complained about it.

    Why did they not recall it?

    Because the 911 Turbo is thier flagship model and any faults known to public will harm sales and company reputation.

    But by announcing a petty issue like the headlights thingy they have gained more positive reputation from the “when we make a mistake we are big enough to admit it”.

    And in this way even the Ministry of Economy or Department of Consumer affairs for that country (whether UAE, Qatar or Kuwait) also jump in and say they “enforced” this public recall.

    Yes for something petty but what about the 911 turbo issue? LOL



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