Marni For H&M Madness Around The World


Singapore (2)

Shanghai – China

Hong Kong – China

San Francisco – US

New York (Fifth Ave.) – US

New York (Fifth Ave.) – US (2)

Chicago – US

Dubai – UAE

Dubai – UAE (2)

London (Regent St.) – UK

London (Regent St.) – UK (2)

Birmingham – UK


Paris – France

And the famous picture at the Avenues – Kuwait

So what happened here in Kuwait was very normal 😛

Notice the photos taken at night. People started waiting in line the night before, some did even 20 hours before the launch!

Every single article I read while collecting these photos explained a system for shopping; Shoppers were given numbers according to their spot in the queue, they were let inside the store in groups when their turn came, every person had 10 minutes to shop, and every person was allowed to buy only one of each piece.

Why wasn’t this system implemented in Kuwait?



  1. يقولون بقطر يوم كانوا الناس صافين دور. دشت وحدة وافتحوا لها المحل برايفيت و خمطت كل شي وطلعت


  2. as the same as what i said in my post HnM kuwait they just care about the their selling raise and they want to compete the other branches around the world .. seriously those photos remind me of Black Friday at USA ..
    plus the big joke is when they are sending an invitation saying VIP at 8 and when i asked the HnM Next store to my work about which time you will open for public they said 8 RIDICULOUS


  3. Exactly. Why!
    I don’t understand. People here in general do not respect other peopel waiting in queue, even the video showed how other clients who were standing on the side got in before anyone else! It’s not so difficult to implement the same buying system as the ones used in the UK or US….


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