The Canadian Bilingual School of Kuwait

As received:

Canadian Bilingual School is the first Canadian school to be opened in Kuwait and the first Canadian school that offers a bilingual program in the Middle East. CBS has been opened since 2007 from grades PreK-5 now grades PreK-9, every year new grades open. Last week 9th Graders (Freshmen Year) did a volunteer work field trip to Green Island helping KS-PATH (Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat) keep the island clean and safe.

Canadian Bilingual School follows the modified Ontario (Canada) curriculum thus creating a stimulating and challenging program for our students. We strive to meet the creative and academic needs of each individual learner. The Ontario curriculum provides the base of our studies but additional enriching concepts and resources have been employed from other sources, to ensure that the very best programming is provided for the students.

Our school is located in:

Block 2, Zaid Al-Khalil Street, South-Khaitan
Phone: (965) – 24744023


  1. The Canadian Bilingual School is a sham. It is a place you would not want to send your children. The staff is what holds the school together as they are dedicated and care about the students. Otherwise, it is a business run by owners who are not the least bit interested in education. It’s all about the money. How bad is it? This is the first year for the school to have a graduating class. The owners are so cheap, the students even have to pay for the folder their diploma comes in. This is after paying 3500KD in tuition. Teachers are not given any money to spend on classroom resources. There is no such thing as a budget. Many teachers spend their own money in order to have the proper resources they need.

    The school is so worried about students are leaving to enroll in other schools. They rightfully should be worried as students are not being given full value for their money. The HR department actually asked teachers to phone parents to ask them to keep their children in our school. This is no lie. It is the truth.

    From the staff side, the morale couldn’t be any lower. The pay is an insult. Money isn’t everything, but they do not pay a proper wage, nor do they have a pay scale. As a result, staff turnover is way above average for an international school. This year, 2015, the percentage leaving would have to be 75%.

    Don’t send your children to this school. Also, don’t come to this school to teach.


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