Updated With Subtitles: Borat As Khazahkstan National Anthem Played In Kuwait

I’m sure you heard about this by now because it’s EVERYWHERE. Which is why I didn’t feature the original video here. This is the updated video with a clearer song and subtitles. Just so we realize how bad this was.

At least an apology has been made.


  1. Stupid! Just sad and stupid! Can’t believe no body bothered to listen to the Anthem they were supposed to play! And even if no one did, didn’t they notice it during the ceremony?!!


    • Even if somebody listened to it, I doubt they would’ve runderstood the words being said šŸ˜›


  2. thats really shameful
    i think it went like this: one guy from the association downloaded the anthems, & of course being in borat movie this one came first so he just download it and played it (excuse him he don’t understand english, specially with Borat accent) thats really bad


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