Shoplifters Kill Security Guard At Salhiya Complex

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It moved me to tears. I can’t believe something like this to happen in Kuwait. We always complain about security guards in malls being useless. And when this one guard tries to actually stop a crime, it costs him his life. And over what? Some damn clothes.

A Kuwaiti shoplifter and his friends have murdered an Egyptian security guard who tried to prevent them from stealing. Five men went inside a commercial complex at Salhiya and spread themselves out in different shops. They started trying on clothes, moving from one shop to another. In one shop, the Egyptian salesman was sure that the man did not return some clothing that he took to try on. When he asked about it, the customer said it was inside the fitting room.

The salesman did not find it and noticed the man was hiding something under his clothes. The man was concealing the piece of clothing by wearing it under his clothes to steal it. The salesman asked him to take it off and forced him to give it back, which made the man angry. He left the shop but called his four friends, who were doing same thing in other stores.

They came and beat the salesman, injuring him. The salesman shouted for help, and his colleagues in neighboring shops came to his aid, as well as security men based at the commercial complex. The gang of five had separated and left, but soon returned to fight the salesman. They were prevented from doing so by an Egyptian security guard.

The five men used a knife to stab him. The security guard ran about 50 meters away from the gang, but they chased him and stabbed him with knives until he fell on the ground. The gang fled from the complex, hitting several people on their way. Police were called to the bloody scene, but arrived too late. Medical emergency responders arrived first. Three ambulances transported three injured men; the security guard and two salesman. The security guard died on the way to the hospital, while the remaining two salesmen were admitted to Amiri Hospital.

Police arrived, accompanied by detectives. They were told the details of the story and were able to identify and detain three of the five-man gang. One is Kuwaiti and two are Egyptian. The remaining two, a Lebanese and a Syrian, remain at large. Police found three of the criminals in possession of their knives and other incriminating evidence. They were arrested and taken for interrogation. Police sources said the citizen was the first to start using a knife in the fight and was helped by his friends.

Via Kuwait Times

Murderers and disgusting creatures. That’s what they should be referred to. They deserve nothing less than being executed.

As for the security guard, may god rest his soul and bring patience to the family he left behind. I only hope his death doesn’t go to waste. How many people have died in mall fights in Kuwait so far? The majority of which were kids. Isn’t it time to do something about this? 13-14 year olds now roam malls with knives in their pockets and what do security guards have?

Something serious should be done. Now.





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