TGI Friday’s Prices Increase

Yesterday a friend and I decided to have dinner at Friday’s – the Avenues. We sat down and started looking at the menu when she noticed the prices were higher. We checked some of the meals we usually order and noticed an increase in prices in almost everything. So I called the waiter and the following conversation took place..

  • Me: Have you increased your prices?
  • Waiter: Yes ma’am we did.
  • Me: What’s the reason for that?
  • Waiter: I don’t know ma’am it’s from the management.
  • Me: Did the food portions change?
  • Waiter: No ma’am the portions are the same.
  • Me: The meals are all the same? No change in recipes?
  • Waiter: No ma’am.

Based on that, we decided to leave. My friend explained to the waiter that we refuse to support such an unexplained price increase by simply not minding to pay it.

  • Me: Please let the management know the reason we are leaving is because of your increased prices.
  • Waiter: Ok ma’am.

So.. Increasing prices for no reason + not notifying the costumers of this price increase.

Friday’s was one of our favorite restaurants and now they lost 2 customers. Way to go.





  1. Guess what ?
    I took few shots of the old menu knowing that they will increase the prices..

    Do you mind me using the picture from your post ?


    • Of course I don’t mind. That’s great now we can see the exact increase. Waiting for your post.


  2. It’s typical … here is A Kuwaiti rule that says ” increase the prices since ppl don’t care” . You did the right thing by leaving but but but not many will do so .. That’s the problem


    • I actually don’t think there is anyone who would agree to this. But the problem with most people is they are embarrassed to say it out loud in fear of being conceived as ‘cheap’.


  3. Sadly its not only fridays, i have noticed a big change in Chillis and Applebees! I believe its all about the service charge that they had to get rid off


  4. Wow. I too, was, blown away! The cheapest glass of wine (Allentown, PA,) was $7.00, most were $8 or $9 for only 6 oz., then the 9 oz glasses were $12 to $15. I ordered nachos, no meat, just cheese, and got very little of it, and a tablespoon of salsa (no joke), $12. I got 8 nachos, not a pile of nachos, but 8. Fairly large corn chips, but not even enough to share, in my opinion. Had been going for years. So total bill for 8 not-very-good nachos and water, with tax and tip, $16. No wonder the place was nearly empty! Lost me forever.


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