Millions Of Tires On Fire In Jahra!

How long have these 5 million tires been sitting in that graveyard with no problems? Now they’re on fire just a few days after pictures of it spread around and people knew it existed. This is not a coincidence! I cannot believe how some people are just plain evil!

I heard putting off the fire will be taking 2 days!

All photos are from Twitter. Hashtag for the fire is #حريق_رحية and #حريق_الجهراء

اللهم احفظ الكويت و أهلها من كل مكروه


1 Comment

  1. You have to be THE BIGGEST EFFIN’ IDIOT to set tires on fire. What an environmental and HEALTH catastrophe. Way to go dumbass! Whoever did this should be sent to prison or sentenced to death for putting at risk the health and lives of the community.

    Sorry, I never curse on blog comments, but this event REALLY got to me as it will affect ALL of us– our children, etc…


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