Coverage: RE-USE 5.0 Expo @ ACK

This year’s REUSE 5.0 has surely proved to be a must-visit event. There are many many interesting things to see! And what I loved the most was the setting of the whole expo using construction pipes and metal boards (I think). It’s so out of the ordinary and walking around can never get boring.

Freaky I know. Not a real person though 😛

Bags made out of eco-friendly materials. Cute for the beach or a picnic outdoors.

A very unique performance by a Moroccan/Algerian/Tunisian artist. Not sure where he was from but I think he was performing a traditional song from his country. Not a boring-traditional, it was very entertaining.

Notice anything weird about this faucet? It’s floating in the air 😛 And that water IS real.

Shopping trolleys made into arm chairs! One of my favorite stuff at the expo.

This piece is so creative. When I first saw it it seemed like it only said “Everything has beauty”, but then I took a photo and the flash revealed the other half of the sentence “But not everyone sees it”! Loved the concept. And that golden frame is made out of toys! Nice idea and great execution.

Blank notebooks with neatly designed covers. There were nicer ones but I couldn’t get through the crowd to take pictures.

Shopping bags made out of plastic bags. I can’t imagine how much work these took.

Some origami

Coca Cola bottles redesigned

A portrait made out of egg cartons

Even a car got recycled

Zain also participated with their own paper art. Very cute.

REUSE 5.0 is located at ACK (Australian College of Kuwait)

From 19 – 22 April 2012 (Yesterday was by-invitations only)

5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

more info. on the REUSE 5.0 blog


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