“Fearless Encounters” Finally Coming to Cinescape


I posted about this Kuwaiti documentary back in November 2011 and  been waiting for it to arrive here ever since!

Fearless Encounters is a documentary showing footage that was shot 20 years ago during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. But this footage wasn’t edited until recently. The man behind the camera, Talal Showaish-Salem, spent 6 weeks with a Kuwaiti firefighting team, taping their efforts in putting out the burning oil fields. It gives us an inside look that we probably never seen before.

The documentary is finally coming to Cinescape theaters on 10 May 2012. Keep an eye out for it.



  1. thanks for waiting , i hope it will be worth the anticipation, i need all your support,
    talal showaish


  2. are you going to the VIP screen g tonight? if your then i look forward to your critiques.


    • I didn’t really know there was a screening tonight. But I will make sure to watch it once it’s out this weekend 🙂


      • yes you should have received a VIP invite from Cinescape already, give me your email and ill quickly email you an invite. talal showaish


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