Limited Edition 445,000KD Ferrari Enzo Abandonded in Dubai Parking Lot

This poor little orphan, a limited edition Ferrari Enzo, was abandoned 20 months ago in a parking lot in Dubai. The dusty car was eventually impounded by the officers in June 2011 and it was recently announced to be sold in the most expensive police sale in history!

The owner is (or was) a British, the reason why he left this car? Unpaid traffic fines! Apparently in Dubai being in debt is a crime so this guy fled out of the country and left the car behind! Just imagine how much the total amount of those fines were! for the guy to do that, must have been more more than car’s cost itself!

Now let me tell exactly how valuable this special car is, It costs nearly 445 000 KD (£1 million), there are only 399 Ferarri Enzo cars in the world. in fact Enzos are so rare that every time one crashes the others increase in value. It is one of the top 10 fastest road cars ever produced. Has a 5998c aluminium V12 engine capable of 660bhp and a top speed of 350kph. And can reach 0 to nearly 100Kph in just 3.4 seconds.

Such a shame. If only I found it first. I would’ve given it a loving home,taken care of it, hugged it as often as I could, and tucked it in bed every night 😛




    • At first I thought the car has been involved in some kind of a major crime, or maybe with a dead body inside 😛 But the article says the police didn’t find anything except for the unpaid fines.


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