Amazing Haka Dance @ Diet Care Seminar

Diet Care has been holding monthly seminars since the start of 2012. Each month with a different topic. I attended April’s seminar handling the common misconceptions about sports nutrition.

the most exciting part about the night; The special guests! The Fiji Warriors Rugby team came all the way to Kuwait to perform a Haka dance.

What’s haka?

It’s a scary dance used to be performed before a war to terrorize the enemy. Nowadays it is performed for the same purpose before rugby games, to terrorize the opposite team.

The Haka dance moves

Now when I say it’s a scary dance, I mean it’s a SCARY dance lol! My seat was right upfront and the team members were doing these hostile moves and screaming at the top of their lungs! My friend shot a video with her phone so I’ll upload it here once I have it.

Overall, I loved the new experience! It was very interesting to watch.

Great event from Diet Care. A special thank you to Dareen for your kind help 🙂

Diet Care’s website is still under construction. So you can call 1806050 for more info.


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