Interesting Traffic Violation Figures in Kuwait

This was published by Kuwait Times, according to a recent survey by Al-Qabas:

  • 51% of drivers regularly send text messages while driving
  • 56% talk on the phone
  • 49% cross speed limits in streets with no speed cameras installed
  • 72% have passed a red light at least once in their lives
  • 60% have used influence (was6a) at least once, to avoid paying traffic fines.

Oh well. Most of these figures are somewhat normal.

I find the weirdest part is the fact that there are more people who cross red lights than those who cross speed limits.


1 Comment

  1. Would be interesting to know statistically- are there more accidents from crossing red lights
    Than speeding? I’d expect actually
    More accidents are caused by crossing red lights.
    My husband drove straight through a red light yesterday and when I told him he said, ‘I was already crossed’… Um, no he wasnt.


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