Coverage: Ambassadors of Comedy Show @ AIS

Great show yesterday at the American International School (AIS). The comedians were hilarious and each one of them took his time with the audience. I wasn’t expecting the show to last for 2:30 hours!

One thing I hated; The show took too long to start! There was an endless speech first, then several people were called to the stage and given flowers, then another endless speech, then an endless presentation about charity in India, then a little girl sang a song (She was cute, but irrelevant to the event?). All these things nearly took 40 minutes and everyone got bored. Then the comedians finally started and saved the day.

The comedians..

Nitin Mirani

Dean Obeidallah

And Aron Kader


You still have the chance to see these guys live, Nitin Mirani & Aron Kader are performing today at the Q8 Comedy Club in Discovery mall, details below




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