Arabs = Oil

This portrait above titled “Pump it up” is part of a 6-portrait series which describe the modern human condition in an ironic way. Done by 3 artists; Paola Guigou (photographer), Elizabeth Sillard (3D graphic designer), and Viviane Korkmaz (digital editor).

It clearly shows the Arab-part of the world, with their black gold. The most common image about us. Very nice work. I love the whole series. They’re very expressive. And the more details you notice the more you will grow into them.

Though if I logically assume that by Arabs/oil they meant the gulf region, then the artists didn’t get the traditional Khaliji outfit right, nobody ever does 😛 The outfit in the portrait is maybe Moroccan?

My favorite of the series is the one below, titled “King Kid”. The kids nowadays *sigh*… A few iPads and some iPhones should have been thrown into that pile as well.

View the rest of the Portraits d’Archives series here




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