The Worldwide Fame Of The New Cheeseburger Pizza

So recently, Pizza Hut has released their new cheeseburger pizza only in the Middle East. And since then, everybody in the rest of the world is talking about it! It has become a worldwide phenomenon!

A couple of days ago, I read about this guy who flew from the US all the way to Dubai ONLY TO TRY THE CHEESEBURGER PIZZA!

His reaction? “The pizza was thin-crust, which I was not expecting. I thought it would be a deep-dish filled with goodness like the Stuffed Crust Pizzas of yore. Also, as you can expect, the pizza looked nothing like the pizza I saw in the commercial. It was smaller, thinner, and all around greyer. I hammered down slices and it was definitely good, in an over-indulging type way. The beef was sweet which gave it a sausage-y vibe (something I am told I have as well).”

“Doesn’t look like the commercial”, what was this dude expecting? It’s Pizza Hut.

This is the cheeseburger pizza he was served in Dubai..

Read more about his experience here

Today, I saw Dudette’s post about the same issue, a show on E! channel also brought the cheeseburger pizza up.

And finally, the new video for YouTube comedian Ray William Johnson was just released, and guess what’s featured? The Middle East cheeseburger pizza! it’s HILARIOUS! Made me laugh my lungs out!

Best part is when he makes fun of how lame the commercial is. Seriously out of all commercials, THIS one had to be seen by the whole world *hides head in shame*

(The cheeseburger pizza part starts at 1:22)



So I really don’t get it. Does it look THAT delicious? A Pizza Hut is 5 minutes away from my house and I would never even think about trying this “khabeesa”.



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