Dubai’s Newest Project: Underwater “Discus” Hotel

The Water Discus, a hotel that is half above water surface, half 10 meters below. Dubai’s next big thing.

For an idea, it’s great. But design-wise, this thing is plain ugly. It looks so out of place, no harmony with the surroundings whatsoever. And the design itself feels very inhumane. If I were to relax on that beach chair, I really wouldn’t want this giant spaceship ruining my beautiful view.

And what is with the unrealistic coral reef in the project’s renderings? There are no such coral reefs in the Arabian Gulf. Even building one artificially would take years for it to look like this – that’s IF it was preserved and cared for well enough to grow this big and healthy.

Sorry Dubai. Not impressed this time.

You can read more about this project here



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