Keep An Eye Out For The Super Moon Tonight

Tonight, Saturday 5 May 2012, the full moon will be closer to earth than any other time this year. It will appear 14% larger than its farthest stage from earth, and 30% brighter.

You can see the super moon starting from the time it rises. But the peak of this phenomenon will be at 4:34am GMT (Sunday dawn). And exactly a minute after that, the moon will line up with the earth and the sun to become gloriously full. Too bad it wouldn’t be visible in Kuwait at that point, because you know, it would be 7:35am and stuff.

It actually sounds more “super” than it will really be. But it’s still the closest full moon of the year. So it would be cool to keep an eye out for it. Great opportunity for photographers as well.

The image above shows the difference between the normal moon (right) and the super moon (left).

And here’s a simple explanation of why the super moon (Perigee) happens..


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